Notary Public

For when you need documents authenticated or certified

Jennifer Humphreys is qualified as both a solicitor and a Notary Public.The main role of a Notary is to verify documents for use abroad. This can include:
  • Witnessing the signature and execution of documents
  • Authenticating contract documentation
  • Verifying company articles and certificate of incorporation
  • Authenticating documents for immigration or emigration purposes
  • Certifying documents relating to buying or selling a property abroad
  • Certifying identity documents, including changes of name, status, and good standing
  • Verifying and certifying copy education qualifications for work abroad
  • Legislation of documents through the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices or any other relevant embassy/consular office
  • Certifying the powers of directors
  • Declarations for marriage abroad
  • Powers of attorney
  • Arranging translations from foreign languages to English and vice versa
For more information, please see the “Guide to Seeing Notary”.Please note that the rules and regulations governing Notaries require Jennifer’s work as a Notary to be kept separate from the business of Marshall Hatchick.

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Jennifer Humphreys

15 years of experience